Czechoslovakian fortrification system - Museums

Museums of Czechoslovakian fortifications with informations for turists

Museums are usually in hands of enthusiasts who repair forts and they are also guides in those forts. Entrance fees to forts are low, about 30-60 Kč (up to 3$) or voluntary. I would recomend to visit all fortresses - Bouda, Hanička (Hanicka) and Dobrošov (Dobrosov), because they heve large underground network and more forts on the surface in quite small area. And also some well preserved blockhouses eg. N-82 Brezinka, K-5 U potoka and museum in Darkovicky. Museums listed below are only examples wich you can visit. There are many other museums which are not listed there.

Czechoslovakian fortification with museums-select museum simply by clicking on the map
map of museums of Cz. forts
Darkovicky   OP-S-10 Krizovatka    K-S-5 U potoka   Bouda   Hanicka    Dobrosov    N-S-82 Brezinka   Stachelberg

Museum of the czechoslovakian fortification in Darkovičky (Darkovicky) - Czech

photo of infantry blockhouse MO-19
Infantry blockhouse MO-19 "Alej"

This museum consits of four forts - three blockhouses for infantry (MO-18 "Obora", MO-19 "Alej" and MO-20 "Orel" ) and one light fort. MO-19 is one of the best preserved forts in the Czech Republic. Now it is equipped with original weapons and other original equipment. It also has bells and a cupola.

Situation: Darkovičky (Darkovicky) near Hlučín (Hlucin)
GPS: 49°55'31.299"N, 18°13'16.866"E
Opening times:

Address: Slezké zemské muzeum (Slezke zemske muzeum), Tyršova (Tyrsova) 1, Opava 746 46

OP-S 10 "Křižovatka" (Krizovatka)

One reconstructed blockhouse for infantry with some historical weapons around (T-34, OT-810, 152mm Soviet howitzer).

Situation: Malé Hoštice (Male Hostice) -the eastern direction from Opava
GPS: 49°56'14.470"N, 17°57'18.473"E
Address: Rudolf Jatzek, Vančurova (Vancurova) 380, Velké Hoštice (Velke Hostice) 747 31

K-S 5 "U potoka" -Czech only

One reconstructed blockhouse for infantry.

Situation: map
GPS: 50°6'36.22"N, 16°48'26.421"E
Opening times:

Address: KVH "Kralka", T. Šetina (Setina), Hornická (Hornicka) 87, Chvaletice 533 12

Museum of the czechoslovakian fortification -Fortress Bouda -English, German, Polish, Dutch and Czech

photo of blockhouse of entry K-22a
blockhouse of entry K-22a "Krok"

photo of fort for artillery turret K-22
fort for artillery turret K-22 "Horymír" ("Horymir")

One of the largest museum beside Hanička (Hanicka) and Dobrošov (Dobrosov) in the Czech Republic. It consists of five forts connected by underground corridors. Visit starts in the blockhouse of entry (the only one in the Czech Republic) named K-22A "Krok" then you visit large undeground barracks, weapons stores and many other underground facilities. Back on the surface you can visit the remaining forts K-21 "Kazi", K-23 "Teta", K-24 "Libuše" ("Libuse") and fort for an artillery turret K-22 "Horymír" ("Horymir"). The visit of the undeground takes about one hour. Temperature in the underground is about 10 C (50 F), so take some warm clothing.

Situation: About 40 min. from the parking place in Suchý vrch (Suchy vrch), following the red turictic route to Mladkov. Suchy vrch is accesable from Červená Voda (Cervena Voda) near Králíky (Kraliky). MAP
GPS: 50°4'9.6236"N, 16°40'37.164"E
Opening times:

Fortress "Hanička" ("Hanicka") -Czech

Nowdays the largest museum in the Czech Republic consists of six forts - one blockhouse of entry (R-79a "U silnice"), three infantry forts (R-76 "Lom", R-77 "Pozorovatelna", R-80 "U potucku"), one artillery fort (R-79 "Na mytine") and one fort for an artillery turret (R-78 "Na pasece"). This fortress has the most interesting history. In years 1969-1975 it was an official musem, but in 1975 the Department of interior became the owner of the fortress, so it was closed for visitors. Hanicka became a large building site, because it was planned to rebuild the old fortress to a bunker resistant enough to survive a nuclear attack for important people from the Communist party. Rebuilding started in 1981 and was stopped few years after the fall of the Communist party. Hanicka became a museum (for the second time) in 1995. Because of the recostruction of the whole fortress one can see new generators, gas protection system and water tanks in the interior, but all of them are new. One can't see much of the old equipment such in MO-19 "Alej", but everything is in perfect condition. Forts on the surface changed only slightly, some of them are entirely covered by earth or some structures are added to walls, but Hanicka is also the only place where one can see quite a lot of bells and cupolas, in fact fortress Hanicka, MO-19 and group of forts "Bouda" are the only places where one can see them except for a few exceptions, but those are not open to the public. The visit of the underground takes about one hour. Don't forget some warm clothing.

Situation: near Rokytnice v Orlických horách (Orlickych harach)-not far from Žamberk (Zamberk). Acces by car following the route from Rokytnice v O. h. to Bartošovice (Bartosovice) v O. h..There is a parking place in village Hanicka. Then follow signs to the fortress (1.5 km).
GPS: 50°11'47.274"N, 16°30'34.811"E
Opening times:

Address: Infoservice, 517 61 Rokytnice v O.h., fax +420 445-8393

Fortress "Dobrošov" (Dobrosov) -English, Polish and Czech

Building of that fortress wasn't finished before the Naci ocupied Czechoslovakia, so only three (N-72 "Mustek" -infantry , N-73 "Jerab"-infantry , N-75 "Zeleny" -artillery) of the seven planned forts were built. Nevertheless I recommed to visit this fortress. There you can see one of the two accessable artillery forts for three 10cm howitzers. The visit of the underground takes about one hour like in other fortresses. There is also an display of models of forts, military vehicles etc. in the building behind the forts, a large display is also inside this fortress. There is also a large tunnel network like in the fortress Bouda and Hanicka.

Situation: Village Dobrošov (Dobrosov) -acces by car from Náchod (Nachod) take direction to Nový Hrádek (Novy Hradek). There is a large parking place by the road near the fortress.
GPS: 50°24'12.050"N, 16°12'14.450"E
Opening times:

Address: tel.: +420 441-21047

N-82 "Březinka" ("Brezinka") -English and Czech

photo of  infantry blockhouse N-82
Infantry blockhouse N-82 "Březinka" ("Brezinka")

Another well reconstructed infantry fort with historical weapons, a copy of a bell and many unique facilities like a ventilation and gas protection system and many other. It has also the historical marking. Once a year there is a big parade connected with the so called "battle of Brezinka". It is a battle which never happened in reality (Czechoslovakian forts didn't fight with any enemy except at the end of the WWII, when the remaining German units used the forts around Ostrava against the approaching Red army), but it seems like the reality - armored German vehicles, motorcycles and German soldiers are attacking the fort...

Situation: Peak over Náchod (Nachod)- access from hotel "Bonato" (with a parking place) in spas Běloves (Beloves) in Nachod following the green touristic route up to the peak (about 800 m) or following the green touristic route from Dobrošov (Dobrosov) down to Nachod - you can also visit many unpreserved forts by the route down the peak (2-3 km).
GPS: 50°24'55.478"N, 16°11'53.071"E
Opening times:

Address: Ing. Petr Charvát (Charvat), Běloveská (Beloveska) 851, 547 01 Náchod (Nachod)

Fortress "Stachelberg" (Babí - Babi) - English and Czech

photo of T-73
Infantry blockhouse T-73

Stachelberg was planned to be the largest fortress in Czechoslovakia - four infantry forts, two artillery forts, two forts for mortar turret, two forts for artillery turrets and one enrtance fort, but only one infantry fort, T-73, was completed. A group of enthusiasts repaired this fort, one light fort and two heavy forts near the fortress, but they aren't a part of Stachelberg. There is an exposition of historical photos of forts in T-73. The visit takes about 60 min. Visitors can also visit a part of the underground.

Situation: Peak over village Babí (Babi). Acces by car followig route from Trutnov to Žacléř (Zacler). Turn right to the local road (about 1km after end of village Babi) and follow the signs.
GPS: 50°37'49.982"N, 15°54'42.810"E
Opening times:

Address: RNDr.Miroslav Kejzlar, Dlouhá (Dlouha) 505, 541 02 Trutnov 2